Lover, You Should Have Come Over

Another instant message exchange, this time more recent:

M: It’s so great how Jeff Buckley sings about how “sometimes a man” this and that on [“Lover, You Should Have Come Over”], by no means implying a sexist idea of what a man should be, but rather one that reveals its [his] weaknesses to the woman he is concerned with.
L: Right, so true. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think invocation of gender can sometimes be an extremely powerful way of illuminating one’s insecurities, vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

Another thought: I’ve had an interesting year. There has been nearly no repetition, no returning, everything has been a new experience. But I’m fairly certain that if someone described a similar year to me that they’d had, or if I described it to someone else, it would pass through the other’s ears without a great impact. It’s sort of hard to conceptualize the trials, experiences, and growths other people go through. Unless, of course, they write or sing songs like Jeff Buckley. That’s the half a bridge that’s so hard to cross.


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