On our way to fall

You, browsing this blog, wish for an intriguing bit of writing. If truth is told, this post lacks a particular non-consonant*, making its composition mildly tricky. Such a tactic was thought up by a group of authors known as Oulipo. This tactic is said to aid original thought and form in art. You may form your own opinion. It is constraining, no doubt, but inspiration was born of constraint.

Is it inspiration for intimacy too? If you and I stood vis-a-vis would constraints also stand in our way? Social norms might put up our guards, but it might also stand as origin of all our most brilliant inspiration. Finding ways around bricks and walls, arriving in a land unknown, you and I. Just a thought.

I miss that non-consonant, so I will go back to it. Still, this was not dull.

*=Editor’s note: A non-consonant would be a vowel


2 Responses to “On our way to fall”

  1. Jenn Says:


    but now, I feel better. Thanks for the hint.

  2. Yang Says:

    what does this mean?

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